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Parent Resources

Howdy Parents! Below is a list of online resources that can help students stay engaged and learning while at home. This is a list created by teachers, and it will not replace what your child’s teacher and/or district puts out in the near future. Please feel free to browse the websites you see below and let us know if a link does not work. We will be regularly updating this list as teachers add websites to make sure the information is accurate, so it might be a good idea to save this page to your browser. If you have any questions or would like to report an inaccurate link, you can email Carly Delino (Jones Counselor) at or Tami Glenn (Jones Kinder teacher) at

Reading and Writing

Handwriting without Tears (K-5)
  • Rainbow writing-simply write a word or sentence and have your child trace the word in another color, then a different color, then another color, and so on!! The word becomes a rainbow! (example picture below)
  • Shaving cream writing (you could also use hair conditioner or another material; you can add food coloring, paint, and/or some scent to it)-have your child “write” in it!! (Bonus-shaving cream is soap-clean with it after! But, a little goes a long way!!) Example picture below.
  • Create an Alphabet Book-use up those old magazines, newspapers, ads, etc. 
    • Note: This alphabet book will be useful for day 2 of sight words instruction as well
    • label a page (or half a page) with each letter of the alphabet (upper case and lower case)
    • Find words/pictures that match the letter
    • Glue or tape under the letter

Math & Science 

  • Science Activities:
    • Pepper & Soap Experiment-Why handwashing with soap is important
      • Put water in a bowl and sprinkle pepper onto water (enough that the floating pepper covers the top of the water)
      • Have the child dip 1 finger (unwashed) into the pepper- the pepper should have stuck to their finger.
      • Have the child dip another finger into a small bowl of soap and then into the pepper- the pepper should quickly move away from the child's finger. Soap repels the pepper. (You can explain that pepper is like germs)
    • Baking soda and vinegar volcano!!


Virtual Field Trips this site works through the ZOOM app. If you'd like to use this, you will need to sign in early morning and sign up for an open time slot. They can fill up fast. 

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