Jones Elementary Home of the Panthers

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Welcome to Anson Jones Elementary--Home of the Panthers!  One Team, One Goal, No Limits!!
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Jones Elementary Procedures

1. Our school day begins at 7:30 AM. The front door opens at 6:55 AM. Children can go to the cafeteria for breakfast and then walk to the gym to wait for the homeroom teacher to come in at 7:39 AM. Children who don't eat breakfast at school will go straight to the gym. Children are tardy if they come in the front doors after 7:30 AM. Children who enter the school building after 7:30 AM have to get a tardy slip before going to the classroom.

2. Children are to walk in the school at all times.

3. Children are to keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times. We respect each others personal space.

4. Jones Elementary is a bully-free zone. We want no verbal or physical bullying. All children deserve the opportunity to come to school and feel safe.

5. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

6. Our school day ends at 2:50 PM. Children who are checked out of school before the end of the school day are marked in the attendance system as leaving early. If your child has a medical appointment please have your child bring a medical excuse and it will go into the attendance system as a medical excuse.