Welcome to Jones Elementary!

Principal's Message

Welcome to Jones Elementary!

I am thrilled to have been provided the opportunity to be the principal at Jones Elementary! I have been the principal at Jones since February so I have seen firsthand, the hardest working students in Bryan ISD. Not only are our students hard-working, they are talented athletically, artistically, and musically. I have enjoyed getting to know our Jones students and to see our teachers working diligently to educate each and every child.

During the summer break the expectation is for all Jones students to read each and every day. We are providing times that our Jones Library will be open each week during the summer. Beginning the week of June 11, the Jones Library will be open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30-12:30. Boys and girls in grade PreK to 2nd grade can come to the Jones library each Tuesday for storytime, reading activities, and the opportunity to check out books. Boys and girls in 3rd-5th grade can come each Wednesday for storytime, reading activities and to check out books. The library will not be open during the week of the 4th of July when the district will close. The last day to check out books during the summer is August 1st. The top readers in each grade level will be rewarded! I am challenging every Jones Panther to read this summer!

I am looking forward to the new school year. A couple of our goals for the new school year include:
1. To increase the student attendance rate at Jones to 98% . Students will be recognized each six weeks for perfect attendance. It is important for each Jones child to be at school each and every day, unless he/she is ill. It is also critical that children arrive at school on time.
2. To instill a love of reading in each student so that reading is a fun and desired activity that is chosen by our students even outside of school. Children who are successful readers are much more likely to be successful in all other academics! Happy reading!

Linda Montoya
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